Priestley’s Finest Hour

This is a series of mini articles inspired by the 70th anniversaries of J.B. Priestley’s 1940 radio broadcasts, the first and most famous series of his Postscripts.  Each was posted on the exact anniversary of the original.

Anyway, read on to find out more about Dunkirk, the Home Guard, the Battle of Britain, the impact of bombing, happy ducks on a pond, a proud Bradford pie, a magical singsong, and a beautiful spring …

Priestley’s Finest Hour

Part 1

Part 2: Let the People Sing

Part 3. What were the Postscripts?

Part 4. How can I access the Postscripts?

Postscript Wednesday 5 June 1940 The miracle of the Dunkirk evacuation, the brave little steamers.

Postscript Sunday 9 June 1940 The loveliest spring. Other broadcasts.

Postscript Sunday 16 June 1940 A night with the Home Guard.  Priestley’s other broadcasts.

Postscript Sunday 23 June 1940 The two faces of Germany.  The blackout.

Postscript Sunday 30 June 1940 Singing Rule Britannia! Two-Ton Annie.

Postscript Sunday 7 July 1940 Happy ducks of Hampstead, Winston Churchill.

Postscript Sunday 14 July 1940 Trip to Margate, a better future.

Postscript Sunday 21 July 1940 Encounter with a mandarin, call for social change.

Postscript Sunday 28 July 1940 An RAF pilot, post-war change.

Postscript Sunday 4 August 1940 First World War remembered.

Postscript Sunday 11 August 1940 Entertaining factory workers.

Priestley then took a holiday – next page due 25 August!

Postscript Sunday 25 August 1940 Mountain rescue, Drucker recommended.

Postscript Sunday 1 September 1940 The first day of the War, a year on.

Postscript Sunday 8 September 1940 The Blitz.

Gin and tonic, 1940 The delight of a rest in a quiet pub.

Postscript Sunday 15 September 1940 Spirit of London.

Postscript Sunday 22 September 1940 Women of Britain.

Postscript Sunday 29 September 1940 The Bradford pie that defied the Blitz.

Postscript Sunday 6 October 2010 No vacancies. Call for fairness.

Postscript Sunday 13 October 2010 Value of the arts in hard times.

Postscript Sunday 20 October 2010 Goodbye and thank you.

A Postscript to the Postscripts Reflections on the experience, and what next.

Afterthoughts and related pieces

Postscripts and Vera Brittain’s Letter to Peace Lovers. Comparing two WW2 series.

N or M?  Agatha Christie’s take on 1940s hotels, a nice link to Priestley’s 6 October  Postscript.

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