Priestley’s finest hour 4. How can I access the Postscripts?


It is fairly easy to access the 1940 Postscripts, J.B. Priestley’s famous series of radio talks, in printed form.

1. Published first in the journal Answers, the scripts were collected in one small volume, Postscripts, by Priestley’s publisher Heinemann, later in 1940.  This book is widely available in libraries and the secondhand book trade.

Full bibliographic details here in our catalogue record.

2. More recently, Priestley’s Wars, published by Great Northern, also reproduced the scripts.   It is still in print and is highly recommended if you are interested in modern history, politics, or literature.

Amazon details.  Also available from bookshops and elsewhere online.

Individual Postscripts were sometimes reprinted elsewhere, but the two books mentioned here are probably more accessible.


BBC Archive recording of Priestley’s 5 June 1940 Postscript, about Dunkirk.

The Dunkirk Postscript is available on various records, and is often on sale as an MP3 download.  When last checked (Nov 10) 3 MP3 downloads available on Amazon.


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