Special Collections at the University of Bradford: over 100 collections of archives, rare books, maps etc. on archaeology, politics, history, literature, religions, the University itself, Bradford, Yorkshire  and more.  Most of the collections are open to everyone.  For more detail on the collections and the services we offer, see our web site.   Here’s our contact details, if you’d like to get in touch.

This blog is written by the  Special Collections Librarian, Alison Cullingford, with the help of various guest bloggers.  It is all about the collections and the stories they contain, plus updates on our services that might prove helpful, and news of new exhibitions and events.   You will find plenty about J.B. Priestley, whose archive is our best-known, and the history of the University, Bradford itself, and Yorkshire, especially the Dales.  Our other blogs include The PaxCat Project, about peace campaign archives, Celebrating Jacquetta Hawkes, the archaeologist and writer, and 100 Objects, which unfolds the most amazing stories in Special Collections, week by week.  If you have problems viewing anything on any of our blogs, do let us know, as we can make the info available by other methods.