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New on PaxCat Blog: CND at 50

Yorkshire CND and Special Collections present an exhibition and several workshops reflecting on the history of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament: for full details see the entry on PaxCat Blog.


Priestley’s Wars

J.B. Priestley’s World War One service changed his life. He lost all his friends and felt compelled to leave Bradford which would never be the same again without them. He never talked about his war, and wrote about it directly only 50 years later in “Margin Released”. Great Northern Books, who have already reprinted several Priestley novels, are publishing a new book, “Priestley’s Wars”, by Neil Hanson, which follows Priestley’s journey through war and peace, from enthusiastic WW1 volunteer, to inspiring WW2 broadcaster, to his essential role in the founding of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. The book uses many of Priestley’s writings, most exciting of which are his vivid and moving letters home from the trenches, never before in print. This book is a unique chance to see Priestley’s political and social views form, set in historic context by an expert author. The book is being launched at several events, featuring Tom Priestley and Neil Hanson: Cheltenham Literature Festival is next on 19 October.

More details about book, launches and press coverage on the Great Northern books web site.

From Fear to Sanity

“From Fear to Sanity: CND and the art of protest 1958-1963” is an exhibition on show at the Horse Hospital, an arts venue in London. The exhibition looks at the powerful visual language of the early years of mass anti-nuclear campaigning in Britain, including Gerald Holtom’s iconic nuclear disarmament symbol, the way it was adapted by campaigners, and photographs and film about protest. The exhibition is on until 30 August 2008. Special Collections and Commonweal Library have helped source images for this display: Commonweal holds Holtom’s original sketches, and the Commonweal Archives in Special Collections include many important archives from this period, notably Peace News and the Direct Action Committee against Nuclear War.

Peace and the Priestleys

February 2008 saw the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, which developed as a result of overwhelming public response to an article by J.B. Priestley condemning British nuclear testing. He and Jacquetta Hawkes were to play key roles in the early years of the Campaign. For more detail, see this short article on p.16 of Peace Studies News issue 38 (Summer 2005):