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Meet our new Project Conservator

We are delighted to welcome a new colleague to Special Collections.  Vanessa Santos Torres joins us as Project Conservator for the Putting Flesh on the Bones Project.  Here’s her story, in her own words:

“I am delighted to be part of this fascinating project funded by the Wellcome Trust and having the chance to work in a multidisciplinary team between the University of Bradford’s Special Collections and the Department of Archaeological Sciences.


Vanessa Santos Torres, conservator

I have a degree on Conservation and Restoration and I am specialised in Paper Conservation. Upon conclusion of my degrees, I had the chance to work on a range of different environments and countries which contributed to the consolidation of my knowledge on remedial conservation skills and preventive conservation. Since 2013 I have been the Conservator of the National Science and Media Museum, Bradford. It is with great satisfaction that I am now able to work on these two celebrated Bradford institutions.

With my expertise on paper and photographs conservation I am responsible for ensuring the long-term care of the Calvin Wells Archive is considered at all times – from suitable handling and packing to appropriate storage conditions. I will be performing conservation treatments on the archive to increase their stability and lifespan. I am delighted to being able to contribute towards its preservation to future generations of researchers and enthusiasts.

I am passionate about photography and printing techniques. During my free time I enjoy reading and experimenting with traditional printing.”

Art Forms on Campus: introducing Amy Charlesworth, Curator of Arts

I’m delighted to announce the arrival of a new colleague working on the University of Bradford’s heritage.  Amy Charlesworth, who started work this summer, is our new Curator of Arts.   She will be responsible not only for display and outreach work but for managing the University’s Permanent Art Collection.

This stunning image comes from Amy’s first exhibition in the University’s Gallery II, Art Forms in Nature.   These photogravures by pioneering German photographer Karl Blossfeldt offer unique insights into the shapes and textures of flora and fauna.  On show till 1 November 2013.

Karl Blossfeldt.

Amy’s role has much in common with our activities in Special Collections.  We are all here to care for and make the most of the University’s heritage and to use it to reach out to new audiences.   There are many ways in which we can work together and we have exciting plans for joint exhibitions later this year and in 2014.   Watch this space!

Follow Amy on Twitter for the latest on Arts on Campus and lots of other arts news too: @amycharlesworth.

PS The story of the Visual Arts at Bradford is a fascinating and complex story, beyond the scope of this little news piece.   More on this soon however.


Images of the Month: le Tour de Yorkshire (via Cambridge)

As July is the month of the Tour De France, a selection of photographs with a bicycling theme for you to enjoy.

Bicycles in the bleak midwinter

Cyclists on a snowy day at Kex Gill Pass, Blubberhouses. Brr! The photo comes from a wonderful album of photographs of the Yorkshire Dales, taken by keen cyclist and photographer Frederick Robinson Butterfield during the 1930s on days out in the Yorkshire Dales.

The Hopkins family plus bicycle

A bicycle takes pride of place in this photo, in the Hopkins family garden in Cambridge circa 1912. Jacquetta Hopkins (later Hawkes) is in front, with her siblings Frederick and Barbara behind. We do not know who the smaller boy was. This image is one of a new batch of Hopkins photographs just received from a family member, many showing Jacquetta as a cute but determined toddler.

Trying out electric bicycles

And finally, a favourite from the University Archive: the Department of Mechanical Engineering with innovative electric bicycles in 1982.

To greenly go

Green people in queue

Green people in queue

The J.B. Priestley Library had a green invasion this week, when an alien, a witch, a dragon and something that is probably a frog beamed, popped or hopped in to exchange their library books or relax with a good read.

They’re all green and so are the new jute eco-bags on sale in the Library.   Though those are actually a very fetching shade of turquoise.

Alison is one of the characters and John took the photos.  Sarah George talked us all into it …

Witch reading

Witch enjoying a good read

Dragon relaxing with his new bag

Dragon relaxing with his new bag

Image of the month May 2009: What the paper said

What's in the newspaper?We were recently sent this photograph by an enquirer in Australia.  It shows his wife’s father as a boy with his two sisters, mother and grandmother appearing to read a copy of Reynolds News.  Our enquirer wanted to know the date of the newspaper issue, which is not clear from the photograph.  Fortunately he was able to send us a better quality version, though it was still not particularly clear.  However the name Lansbury could be found, at the top right, which led us to a story about Mr Lansbury calling for more lidos, and hence to a heat-wave.  We concluded that the paper was dated 31 August 1930.

The front page headline was “Trade depression passing: revival in Steel, Motors, Cotton and Shipping”, with a photo of the President of the Board of Trade; to the right “More Lidos says Mr. Lansbury” referred to the opening of outdoor public swimming-pools. On the inside pages the hunt was on for the gangster ‘Legs’ Diamond; the islanders of St. Kilda were evacuated to mainland Scotland; film star Greta Garbo was appearing as an Italian singer in ‘Romance’; 5 lads from London’s East End stole a car and crashed it 70 km. away in Sussex; a man was charged with dealing in cocaine; there were fears of unemployment in the banking world due to increasing mechanisation; Australia had a narrow win in the Ruby Test at Sydney; and an English cricketer reflected on the need for team-building following Australia’s Ashes win. On the back page were photos illustrative of the heat-wave, including a crowd on the beach at Southsea and a tenor, Enrico Muzio, practising in the bath.

Improved Holden Handlist

Holden crest

The Papers of Sir Isaac Holden and his family are among the most popular Special Collections at the University of Bradford. Sir Isaac was a West Riding inventor and successful industrialist who became an M.P. The Papers are rich in detail of the wool industry and social customs of the time and include information about the Holden factories in France and about Sir Isaac’s home, Oakworth House in Keighley. A new and (we hope) more user-friendly edition of the Holden papers handlist is now available on the Archive web page. It includes some letters and ephemera received recently. Image: crest used on Holden notepaper.

Malham Memories

New Special Collections web page! The Fred Robinson Butterfield Collection. Albums of photographs of the Dales and other Yorkshire in the 1920s and 30s, taken on cycling club days out. Malham was a favourite destination. This image shows a detail from a photograph of Settle.

Settle in the 1930s

Skopje earthquake

The city of Skopje in Yugoslavia, now the capital of the Republic of Macedonia, suffered a catastrophic earthquake on 26 July 1963.  The March 2008 Archives Hub focus on volcanoes and earthquakes shows online two photographs of the devastation in Skopje from albums presented to a team of students from the Bradford Institute of Technology (now the University of Bradford) who assisted in the reconstruction efforts.