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New! J.B. Priestley Archive Catalogue April 2013

We’ve just put the latest edition of the catalogue of the J.B. Priestley Archive online.

YMCA "On active service" letterhead from one of J.B. Priestley's letters home.

YMCA “On active service” letterhead from one of J.B. Priestley’s letters home.

Lots of new things and improvements in response to readers’ needs, including:

  • Enhanced section on Priestley’s unpublished scripts for books, plays, television and film.  These  include collaborations with Fred Hoyle and Iris Murdoch.  Lots of detail on the physical nature of the scripts e.g. amendments by Priestley.
  • More letters, notably Priestley’s incredible Great War letters from the trenches.
  • Detailed cataloguing of files on Priestley’s art collection, indexing the artists he collected.
  • Programmes, press cuttings and other responses to Priestley 2008-2012.   Definite revival of interest, encompassing several less well known plays, and from scholarly, political and literary angles.
  • Some sections renumbered for ease of use (don’t worry if you’re using the old numbers, we can cross-refer between them).

More on all the above in future blog posts!


Arts in Store

Visitors to the J.B. Priestley Library may notice changes on level 0 extension.  The area was home to artworks and heritage objects reflecting the University’s rich history, including the Charter and the Grant of Arms, the Commonweal Hoggett memorial, and a portrait gallery of vice-chancellors and other University characters.  These works are in store for safekeeping during major building works in the extension over the next few months.  The layout of the floor will change, so not all the art and objects will return to the same locations – I’ll share news of their new homes in due course.

Gallery detail including Martin Bousfield by Alan Hydes

On the move … a bit of gallery including portrait of Martin Bousfield, Chair of Council 2004-6, by Alan Hydes

Portraits Unveiled

Several of the archives in Special Collections at Bradford include fascinating collections of photographs and artworks showing individuals such as J.B. Priestley and Jacquetta Hawkes.  We have sent details to Understanding British Portraits, a new project mapping the rich variety of portraits in all sorts of museum, library, archive and private collections in the UK.  We will continue to contribute to this as new collections are uncovered, particularly amongst the Commonweal Archives, which include many images of peace activists.


Brushes with Peace

“Margaret Glover: Brushes with Peace”, at Gallery II at the University of Bradford until 11 April 2008, puts on show for the first time a collection of paintings and sketches donated to Peace Studies at the University of Bradford by this Quaker radical artist. A fascinating visual record of British and international peace activists.

For opening hours and more detail: http://www.brad.ac.uk/admin/gallery/glover.php