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Jung, Juvenilia, Theatre and Time: the latest Society Journal

As ever, the latest edition of the J.B. Priestley Society Journal offers new light on many facets of Priestley.

  • Tom Priestley reflects on family history as shown in the 1901 and 1911 censuses.  What was JB’s grandfather’s occupation?
  • Useful reprint of Norah Fienburgh’s 1932 Bradford Pioneer piece on Priestley’s 1913 Round the Hearth series.
  • Priestley turned again and again to the ideas of Jung: both believed in the power of dreams as a creative force: Lee Hanson’s lecture on the relationship between the two usefully summarises Priestley’s explorations of Jung’s often difficult ideas and covers how J.B. and Jacquetta Hawkes used them in Dragon’s Mouth.
  • Alan Day covers the February 1948 British Theatre conference, chaired by Priestley.  Fascinating controversies on the role of theatre managers and insight into the theatre of the time.
  • Rangarao Kulkarni discusses consciousness and time in five of Priestley’s later fictions: The Magicians, Saturn over the Water, The Thirty-first of June, Lost Empires and It’s an Old Country.

The Journal isn’t available online, but is sent in print form to all members of the Society and is available in libraries, including ours of course.

Priestley and Jung: the lecture

[I removed the links from this piece as they were broken, the event having taken place in March 2011.  However, as it is a blog post, I think it is right to leave the post as it is otherwise. AC October 2011].

This year’s J.B. Priestley Society Lecture explores one of the most intriguing aspects of Priestley’s writing: his link with C.G. Jung.  The speaker, Lee Hanson, is Chair of the Society.

Priestley wrote and broadcasted about Jung’s work, and visited him at his home in Switzerland in 1946.  Jung himself thought highly of Priestley, with special praise for his novel Bright Day.  The lecture will examine the friendship between the two, and how Jung’s ideas influenced Priestley’s writings, about personality types, the unconscious mind and creativity, the power of dreams, and relationships between men and women.

The lecture is held at the Norcroft Centre, University of Bradford, starting at 2.30 pm and followed by Q & A and refreshments.  The lecture is open to all, but places must be booked in advance.  For further information, details of how to book, directions, parking advice etc, see the event webpage.