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A Blog of Bones

Discover a world of bones, bodies and diseases in our new blog, created by Project Archivist James Neill …

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‘Putting Flesh on the Bones’ is a collaboration between the University of Bradford’s Special Collections and Biological Anthropology Research Centre (BARC). With generous support from the Wellcome Trust, the project will undertake the cataloguing, digitisation and promotion of the Calvin Wells Archive Collection. It is intended that the collection will become a valuable resource for […]

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An Inspirational Educator

I just came across this lovely blog post about Fred Singleton, by Mark Andrews, who was a student at Bradford University during the 1970s.   Fred Singleton was head of Yugoslav studies at the University.  Mark Andrews found Fred’s teaching and his enthusiasm for Yugoslavia and its people truly inspiring and this comes across in his post which neatly summarises Fred’s life and interests.

Fred Singleton teaching geography of Yugoslavia (archive ref UNI D18)

Fred Singleton teaching geography of Yugoslavia (archive ref UNI D18)

Fred Singleton helped in the reconstruction of Skopje after the 1963 earthquake, with a group of Bradford Institute of Technology students.  Special Collections contains objects presented to the students by their hosts and Fred’s own, very large, archive.

Sweet Coraline

Regular readers will notice I’ve changed the Theme used for this blog (layout, typography etc.).  At the time I chose it, the old theme, Ocean Mist, was the one which best met my requirements for this blog.  WordPress recently added this new one, Coraline, which I think is more legible and deals better with the “widgets”, pages, headings etc which make a blog easy to use.  “Widgets” by the way are the functions in the sidebar such as email subscriptions, tags and categories.  Hope you like it.