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Bye Bye Lift

As in most university libraries, summer is the time for building works and stock moves in the J.B. Priestley Library.  The major project this year is the replacement of our antiquated and unreliable passenger lift with a modern and more robust unit.  Hooray!


J.B. Priestley Library and ‘Commie’ Building under construction, 1970s (UNI B25)

The works mean taking the lift out of action from 12 June 2017.  We anticipate it being unavailable for much of the summer.   Visitors who have mobility difficulties should let us know so we can make alternative arrangements for them.

Keep up with the lift’s progress and our other building projects via posts on this blog, our Building Works web page, and our Twitter account.

Building Works News

Lots of Summer building and maintenance projects going on in the J.B. Priestley Library this year.  None are on a large scale but minor disruption is to be expected.  The most relevant projects to Special Collections visitors are:

  • Repainting the main stairs.  To reach the reading room, you need to use the public lift or use the emergency staircase: follow the big red signs!


  • Journals on the move on Floor 02 from 17 June = some noise and disruption for our visitors.

Sorry for any inconvenience!  The best way to keep in touch with day to day news of building works is through our Twitter accounts: @libraryuob for all Library services and @100objectsbrad for things affecting Special Collections.

Under Construction – 2013

We are anticipating some building works in the J.B. Priestley Library from late May, as soon as exams are finished, on the upper floors and stair areas.  These are fairly small-scale compared to last summer’s works and should have little effect on users of Special Collections.

Building J.B. Priestley Library and Communal Building (now Student Central), University of Bradford, circa 1973 (UNI X1863 B25).

This summer’s works won’t be quite on this scale! Building J.B. Priestley Library and Communal Building (now Student Central), circa 1973 (UNI X1863 B25).

I’ll post further news when available: here, on our Facebook page, and on the Special Collections Twitter account.  See also the Library’s Twitter account for updates on building works and other useful info.


Building Works News: July/August

The works immediately adjacent to Special Collections are now complete (we have shiny new toilets!).  However, noise from the  GLEE building project to improve floors 1 and 2 will continue throughout the summer.  Visitors to Special Collections should be aware that there may be short-notice disturbance.  We will do our best to minimise the impact of works where we have sufficient notice and apologise for any inconvenience in advance.

Building Works April/May

More detail about the works!  Follow this blog for updates.

1. The Floor 02 toilets are being refurbished from 27 March: work will take about six weeks.  Visitors will need to use alternative toilets on the other floors.  There may be some noise from the building works – we do not yet know how much disturbance to expect so we are encouraging visitors to rearrange their appointments for later dates where possible.

2. We may experience disruption from the GLEE Project, which will transform the upper floors of the Library.  Visitors with an interest in peace/politics should note that Commonweal will be affected: see the Glee Project website for ways to find out more.

Under Construction April/May 2012

Special Collections visitors will be affected by building projects during April and May 2012.  We apologise for any inconvenience suffered: the works will provide a better environment for all Library users. Please contact us if you have any queries or concerns.

Under Construction – March update

The latest news on the Floor 02 toilets: the likely start date for the building works is 30 March, finishing in mid-May.  Readers with appointments in Special Collections during this time will need to use toilets on other floors and we may experience some disruption from the works (though most demolition and other noisy work will take place out of hours).  Apologies in advance!

Under Construction 2012

Spring and Summer 2012 will see various building works in the J.B. Priestley Library.  At present, we do not anticipate closing the Reading Room or being unable to offer access to any material, but it may occasionally be necessary for us to do so.  More dates and information about matters affecting Special Collections will be made available here as soon as we have them.

The toilets in the Library are currently being improved, with much better and more eco-friendly facilities.  We are currently experiencing minor noise disturbance from the refurbishment of toilets on Floor 01.  From mid-March into April, the toilets on Floor 02 next to the Reading Room will be refurbished.  As most of the noisy work will take place in the early mornings, we do not intend to close the service.  However, visitors should be aware that the nearest toilet will be a floor away (accessible via lift) and that some noise and disturbance during opening hours is unavoidable.

Some major works will be taking place on Floors 1 and 2 to improve heating and lighting systems and create a more pleasant environment.  These will have less direct impact on Special Collections than the toilet works, but please note that there will be noise from building processes and from the movement of people and materials via the Loading Bay throughout the summer.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and will do our best to ensure your visit is enjoyable and useful for you.

Arts in Store

Visitors to the J.B. Priestley Library may notice changes on level 0 extension.  The area was home to artworks and heritage objects reflecting the University’s rich history, including the Charter and the Grant of Arms, the Commonweal Hoggett memorial, and a portrait gallery of vice-chancellors and other University characters.  These works are in store for safekeeping during major building works in the extension over the next few months.  The layout of the floor will change, so not all the art and objects will return to the same locations – I’ll share news of their new homes in due course.

Gallery detail including Martin Bousfield by Alan Hydes

On the move … a bit of gallery including portrait of Martin Bousfield, Chair of Council 2004-6, by Alan Hydes

Hello to Health Studies!

Midwifery prospectus 1997

Midwifery prospectus 1997, with snazzy image of old Health Studies building

The Health Studies department is moving to a new home on City Campus, which means Health Studies Library will move to the J.B. Priestley Library this summer.  Some changes will be needed to accommodate these extra students, colleagues and collections, so building works will be in progress from February until July, with a break for the exams of course.

I don’t anticipate any major impact on Special Collections visitors, as the works will be in a different part of the building.  There may be occasional problems with particularly noisy works, or certain deliveries – may not be time to blog, so  my twitter account is the best way to keep up with these.

News of the works will be broadcast to University staff and students in various ways, including the University twitter and LSS web pages.