A Mind at Work: Notes and Notebooks

The Eleventh Hour

NAF 1-7-2-14-2 Visual example of DM Notes

Dimitrije Mitrinović’s working papers form an important part of his archive, and have been the focus of my cataloguing recently.  The Foundation charged with caring for Mitrinović’s legacy and encouraging the study of his ideas, the New Atlantis Foundation (now the Mitrinović Foundation), kept over 80 notebooks of all sizes and shapes, alongside boxes and boxes of loose sheets of handwritten notes. They contain Mitrinović’s thoughts on a whole range of subjects, names of authors whose books he was reading and people in his extensive and ever-shifting networks. Some have drafts of poems or a few bars of music sitting beside notes of petty cash expenditure!

NAF 1-7-2-14-1 Music

At some stage after Mitrinović’s death, possibly in the late 1960s, the New Atlantis Foundation sorted the many loose sheets of notes into categories according to their completeness and length. They range from drafts of recognisable pieces of work (e.g. articles for New Britain Quarterly), to an…

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