Accredited Archive: a first for Special Collections

Special Collections at the University of Bradford has been awarded Archive Service Accreditation, the first service in an English university to achieve this standard.  We got the certificate today, piccies to follow.


Accreditation is a new UK standard for managing archives.  It has much in common with the long-established accreditation for museums.  Accredited archive services take proper care of their wonderful collections and work hard to make them available to students, staff, local people and anyone who might benefit from engaging with them.  The award will help us help our users in two ways:

1. Shiny Award!

Super Award StickerFirst of all, accreditation is an accolade which means a lot in a university setting – especially as we are very early adopters.  It will help us make the case for the funding and other support we need as we face the challenge of collecting digital archives.


2.  Makes Us Think??

brain_328Secondly, the process of applying for accreditation is incredibly helpful (and I would say that even if we had not received the award).  It makes you think hard about how your service works and how it can improve.  Receiving the award is just the start!


2 responses to “Accredited Archive: a first for Special Collections

  1. Can any one come to read historic papers?

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