Remembering Professor James O’Connell

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James O’Connell, Emeritus Professor of Peace Studies at the University of Bradford, died on 8 September 2013 after a short illness, at the age of 87.  Professor O’Connell was appointed chair of Peace Studies in 1978.  He faced a difficult task: how to manage the activism and interdisciplinary nature of  Peace Studies within a University setting, not to mention the threat posed by the Thatcher government.  Professor O’Connell played a vital role in saving the department and in building its considerable reputation worldwide.

Find out more:

The University’s announcement of Professor O’Connell’s death.

Obituary in the Guardian by his colleague Professor Paul Rogers, 19 September.

James O’Connell and Peace Studies also by Paul Rogers, on

Obituary on the BASIC website by Paul Ingram – Prof O’Connell was Board member and Chair of BASIC.

Piece in the Hackney Gazette(Prof O’Connell moved there towards the end of his life).


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