Untangling the Holdens again

Back in June, I mentioned that we were part of a giant group of libraries bidding for funds to digitise industrial archives, including the Holden Papers.  Such archives are often particularly difficult for users to access and comprehend, with information locked away in tricky and fragile formats.  Unfortunately, I heard this week that our bid was unsuccessful.  There was huge competition for the funding: I gather that there were 67 other bids!  Which just goes to show how much wonderful material is hidden from public view for lack of funding.

Anyway, it’s disappointing, but the process of applying did bring us lots of new contacts: we hope to continue to work together.  Meanwhile I’m reflecting on how to continue the inhouse phase of the Untangling project.  While not on the scale of the work for which we applied, this super new list will really help us to help readers understand this major archive.


One response to “Untangling the Holdens again

  1. My Great Great Grandfather Jonas Holmes worked as a head ‘fireman’ or stoker at the Alston Works, Thornton Road, Bradford and he actually died as the result of an industrial accident there when one of the boilers exploded. This was in 1871 and he was only 39. I have quite a lot of detail about the accident and Jonas’s death (he lingered painfully for about three months and then died of his injuries leaving his wife, my Great Great Grandmother with three small boys). The coroner of Yorkshire was involved in the inquest, verdict: death from natural causes! If anyone is interested please leave a blog here and I will check and respond. An interesting insight into the ‘workers’ of these textile mills and their working rights (or not!). Saira Holmes

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