Special Collections Staff News

Two bits of news which may interest people who know Special Collections staff or who intend to use Special Collections services:

We will soon be saying goodbye to John Brooker, our Special Collections Assistant, who is leaving the Bradford area for a new home elsewhere in Yorkshire and will be finishing in Special Collections in early October.  He has worked in Special Collections since the service was created in 2000 and has made a great contribution to our transformation of the collections and services. He will be much missed!

There will inevitably be some impact on Special Collections services, certainly until a new Assistant can be recruited and trained.  We will do our best to reduce this.  More information will be available on this blog and on our Contact page.

I have been seconded to a Special Collections project with Research Libraries UK, finding out about the threats and opportunities faced by Special Collections in these difficult times and how librarians can collaborate to make the most of these.  This is something I will love doing and which will also benefit Special Collections and the University in the long-term.  It will take up about a day a week for a year, so does not mean I will be leaving Bradford.  Here’s the press release and here’s some thoughts about it.


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