“Now, Herbert Soppitt!”

“When We are Married” may be  J.B. Priestley’s funniest and best-loved play. Maureen Lipman, Michele Dotrice, Roy Hudd, and other well-known actors are part of the cast for a new revival at the Garrick Theatre.

The play is set in the world of Priestley’s childhood in the West Riding before the First World War, a world of solid comfort and eccentric, larger than life characters, of stifling respectability: “wool business and town councillors and chapel deacons”.  On their joint silver wedding anniversary, three married couples are shocked to learn that their marriages were not in fact legal …

The history of the play includes an intriguing appearance by Priestley in the original production.  He stood in as the drunken photographer Ormonroyd when the actor Frank Pettingell was injured.

Press coverage of the new production includes:

The Daily Telegraph. Dominic Cavendish interviews Maureen Lipman and Tom Priestley (JB’s son) and Review.

The Guardian. Review by Michael Billington.

Daily Mail. Review.

Observer. Review.



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