Congratulations to Tom Priestley

I am delighted that the University of Bradford is to award an honorary degree to Tom Priestley, son of J.B. Priestley.  We are honouring him for his efforts in bringing JB’s writings to new audiences.  We are also celebrating his distinguished career as a film editor, a nice link with Bradford City of Film.  Tom will receive the award from the Chancellor at the graduation ceremony in the afternoon of 21 July 2010.

Full text of my Oration for the award of Honorary Degree to Tom Priestley 21 July 2010.  The oration is a formal part of the degree ceremony, in which the person proposing the candidate for the honorary degree explains to the Chancellor why the honour is deserved.  This one tells Tom’s story and shows how we value his contributions to film, theatre and literature.

University awards web pages, including live feed during the ceremony.  Sorry, feed probably not available afterwards.

Photo of Tom in his robes with family and friends before the ceremony

Photo of the new Dr Priestley saying a few words at the ceremony

Interview with Tom showing him being robed and looking at materials in the J.B. Priestley Archive.


One response to “Congratulations to Tom Priestley

  1. As the Priestley enthusiast who first suggested to Tom Priestley the establishment of a society to promote his father’s life and achievements I am delighted that the distinguished work he has undertaken has been recognised by the University of Priestley’s home city. The revival of interest in one of Yorkshire’s greatest figures owes considerably to Tom Priestley’s tireless advocacy.

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