Priestley times 10

Volume 10 of the J.B. Priestley Society Journal is just out.  It includes my article on the marketing campaign for the publication of English Journey in 1934, and how local newspapers and individuals responded to his candid comments about their towns.

This volume covers many aspects of Priestley’s varied literary work:

  • An early, unpublished story by Priestley, exploring a passionate love affair, transcribed and analysed by John Bennett.
  • Michael Nelson on a new DVD illustrating Priestley’s involvement with the British documentary film movement via two films: We live in two worlds, about the General Post Office, and Britain at Bay, WW2 morale boosting.
  • Alan Day on Priestley’s powerful anti-nuclear TV plays, Doomsday for Dyson (1958), and Level 7 (1966).  The latter, dramatising Mordecai Roshwald’s novel, is described as “harrowing in the extreme, truly awe-inspiring”.
  • Professor Kulkarni comparing Priestley to other writers on time.

This Journal is available free to members of the Society.  It is also available in a few libraries, including Special Collections at Bradford.

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