Peacepedia published

Oxford international encyclopedia of peace

Oxford international encyclopedia of peace

Launched today at Bradford University, the Oxford International Encyclopedia of Peace, which will offer a comprehensive resource for peace studies, including key people, events, and ideas. Published in four volumes by Oxford University Press, the encyclopedia is edited by former Bradford colleague Nigel Young and includes many contributions from Bradford staff past and present.

This list from the OUP website gives an idea of the richness of the content, which is also available electronically by subscription:

“World Leaders: Mohandas Gandhi, Margaret Mead, César Chávez, Martin Luther King, Jr., Lucretia Mott.

Major Events: The Cuban Missile Crisis, Dayton Accords, Good Friday Agreement, Lebanon Hostage Crisis.

Organisations: Greenpeace, League of Nations, United Nations, Save the Children, International Committee of the Red Cross.

Theories: Just War, Civil Disobedience, Conscientious Objection, Feminism and Peace, Postcolonialism and Peace, Power and Nonviolence Theory, Eco-Pacifism, Gay Rights.

In the News: Chemical and Biological Weapons, Human Rights, War Crimes, Terrorism, Nuclear Disarmament.”

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