Gems on COPAC

Some of our hidden gems are having their chance to shine! Special Collections includes many rare books, journals, and maps e.g. a huge collection of J.B. Priestley’s works, thousands of rare volumes on radical politics, philosophy and esoterica collected by Dimitrije Mitrinovic, maps and rare books concerning Yorkshire, mining and Quakers gathered by Arthur Raistrick.

Illustrations of gems

From “The cabinet of gems” / S. Batchelor. Knaresborough, 1840.

Now, thousands of our catalogue records have been added to COPAC, where they join 32 million other records from UK national, university and special libraries. COPAC, which is free to users, will raise awareness of our printed and map collections among academics, students, librarians and other interested people (it records over 500,000 search sessions per month).

Thanks to the Challenge Fund which enabled us to join COPAC, and to Bethan Ruddock at COPAC and Polly Dawes in the J.B. Priestley Library who have made it happen!

COPAC’s blog entry for this news.


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