Double Delights

The Priestley renaissance continues: two delightful, dippable collections of essays perfect for commuter reads or as Christmas gifts …

Cover of 2009 Delight

Cover of 2009 Delight

1. Another welcome Priestley edition from Great Northern Books: a 60th anniversary reissue of “Delight“, Priestley’s 1949 celebration of simple pleasures, including fountains, smoking in a hot bath, “Not Going”, and, the Special Collections staff favourite, “Quietly Malicious Chairmanship”.  Some of Priestley’s best-known, funniest, and most enjoyable writings.

2. Priestley’s “Delight” inspired a new collection of “funny, intimate and inspiring essays from an eclectic selection of some of our best loved authors, entertainers and national treasures on what brings them delight”, including Michael Palin, Kate Mosse, Nick Hornby, Stephen Fry, Sebastian Faulks, Lynne Truss, Wendy Cope, Jo Brand, Jeremy Paxman,Vince Cable and Beryl Bainbridge.  “Modern Delight” is published by Faber and proceeds go to two charities devoted to encouraging the delight of reading: Dyslexia Action and the London Library.

Article about Delight in the Daily Mail, 10 September.

Interview with Tom Priestley and Alexei Sayle, Radio 4 Today programme.


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