Image of the month May 2009: What the paper said

What's in the newspaper?We were recently sent this photograph by an enquirer in Australia.  It shows his wife’s father as a boy with his two sisters, mother and grandmother appearing to read a copy of Reynolds News.  Our enquirer wanted to know the date of the newspaper issue, which is not clear from the photograph.  Fortunately he was able to send us a better quality version, though it was still not particularly clear.  However the name Lansbury could be found, at the top right, which led us to a story about Mr Lansbury calling for more lidos, and hence to a heat-wave.  We concluded that the paper was dated 31 August 1930.

The front page headline was “Trade depression passing: revival in Steel, Motors, Cotton and Shipping”, with a photo of the President of the Board of Trade; to the right “More Lidos says Mr. Lansbury” referred to the opening of outdoor public swimming-pools. On the inside pages the hunt was on for the gangster ‘Legs’ Diamond; the islanders of St. Kilda were evacuated to mainland Scotland; film star Greta Garbo was appearing as an Italian singer in ‘Romance’; 5 lads from London’s East End stole a car and crashed it 70 km. away in Sussex; a man was charged with dealing in cocaine; there were fears of unemployment in the banking world due to increasing mechanisation; Australia had a narrow win in the Ruby Test at Sydney; and an English cricketer reflected on the need for team-building following Australia’s Ashes win. On the back page were photos illustrative of the heat-wave, including a crowd on the beach at Southsea and a tenor, Enrico Muzio, practising in the bath.


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