Mitrinovic News 1

“Dimitrije Mitrinovic”: a biography / by Andrew Rigby.

A new(ish) book relating to one of the most fascinating individuals whose archives are represented in Special Collections at Bradford.

In the early years of the First World War, a young Serb, Dimitrije Mitrinovic, appeared in the intellectual and artistic circles of London, arguing that the way to a harmonious world lay through the creation of a “world consciousness” in the minds of individuals. He launched a welter of groups, movements and other initiatives to promote and embody his vision of the world as an organic whole. Andrew Rigby describes in this book the substance of Mitrinovic’s vision and the fascinating story of efforts to translate it into practice.

Available from booksellers, price £9.99 (ISBN 01850723346) or direct from the publishers Sessions of York.

Other links: Mitrinovic Archive, New Atlantis Foundation (set up after Mitrinovic’s death to promote his ideas).

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